It could greatly impact the opponent's shooting percentage Cover Image


It could greatly impact the opponent's shooting percentage

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It could greatly impact the opponent's shooting percentage has not posted anything yet
Begin datum 15-01-22 - 13:39
Einddatum 31-01-22 - 08:23
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    Through the bottle). So long as the player has the space to get into the bottle and has sufficient space to assist in the running, using ad-hoc skill dunks could force the player to try to get into the bottle.

    However, this type of play is challenging to determine the ideal timing and pressing the button too early or too late could cause the bottle to burn If you achieve your goal, you'll definitely jump up with joy as you decide to share opportunities with your pals!

    The factory noted that the current episode of the game focuses on the defensive link, comprehensively overhauls the shooting interference and blocking attack system. It also introduces a variety of brand new blocking techniques such as exciting smash-blocking waves.

    If the shooter hinders or doubles their opponent's shooter in the right time and at the right time, it could greatly impact the opponent's shooting percentage, and can even force an opponent to take aim at the AirBall.

    Similarly, if the player is defensively out of position or isn't aided ahead of the shooter, for example, let the shooter have an chance to shoot, it will make the opponent more likely to score.

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