What is The Performance of The Direct Cooling and Air-cooling Fresh-keeping Cabinets? Cover Image


What is The Performance of The Direct Cooling and Air-cooling Fresh-keeping Cabinets?

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What is The Performance of The Direct Cooling and Air-cooling Fresh-keeping Cabinets? has not posted anything yet
Start date 17-01-22 - 09:57
End date 30-11--1 - 09:57
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    Many people will be asked by the other party when they choose a refrigerated food cabinet, do you need a DC chest freezer or an air-cooled? What is the difference between direct cooling and air cooling? How about their performance?
    There is no difference in cooling temperature between direct-cooled and air-cooled refrigerators.
    Direct cooling refrigerators generally have a glass cover, because the direct cooling is mainly carried out by the copper tube on the back, and the temperature is uneven. The glass cover is used to block some cold air from escaping to keep the temperature of the cabinet up to the fresh-keeping temperature. Its advantages are low power consumption, low manufacturing cost, relatively cheap price, and high noise. Its shortcomings: some parts of the cabinet are colder and some are hotter, the temperature above is slightly higher than that of the inner tank, its evaporator is directly exposed under the cabinet, and it cannot automatically hold frost, and frost will accumulate. Second, the speed of cooling Slower and shorter lifespan.
    The air-cooled refrigerator has the following advantages: it will not have frost like direct cooling, and the food will not stick together. All are intelligent temperature control, the temperature control is more accurate, there is no refrigeration dead angle, and the food quality is guaranteed. The disadvantage is that it consumes more power, and the noise is relatively large. It is easy to lack water, causing the food to dry out. In addition, the internal manufacturing cost is relatively complicated, the cost is relatively high, and the price is higher than the direct cooling. The reason for the rotation of the internal fan is relatively loud.

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