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Start date 17-01-22 - 06:44
End date 30-09-22 - 11:38
  • Description

    June and Eva's daily photography collection "StillLives: Eva", photo author and actor JuneKorea, 32-year-old visual artist JuneKorea bought this inflatable doll for $8,000, and began the story of realistic dolls and Eva.
    The picture records the love story of Joan and Eva. June's story (photos) is beautiful and fits the Asian aesthetic, especially the cover photo. Do you feel cute and cry?

    The photo collection listed in this article is titled StillLives: Eva. Photo author and male lead JuneKorea is 32 years old. He is a visual artist. He bought this inflatable doll in Japan for $8,000. Since then, June and Eva's work has begun. story . In addition to passing the lonely time, June also took the doll to do a lot of interesting things, such as this atlas (this atlas is also his master's thesis).

    lifelike sex dolls made it clear that his love for Eva only exists in the photos, he will have his own life and circle of friends, Eva is just his model and love fantasy.

    We fight, we laugh, we cry, and we experience every emotion together as we communicate
    Would you expect someone like this to go out and drop you off every day?
    If you want to read more sex doll stories, you can click here.

    Although the curiosity of passersby is indispensable, I also hope that she is part of this country.
    I love playing guitar with my friends in real life, so I wanted to show myself in front of Eva too.
    I just want to record the good times we had with myself and make good memories as we get older. She is sad in the photo, and I think it may be because I feel the anxiety behind her in the great joy. I thought when she looked at me so happy she might be chanting "maybe one day he'll leave me..."
    mini sex doll are rumored to have first appeared during the first world war. In order to expand the territory, the Dutch send troops all year round. Going to war is definitely a long process, they can't bring their wives, but the soldiers you know might go to war. Everyone is gone, and there are many healthy young people who invent inflatable dolls to satisfy the sexual desires of soldiers.

    The inflatable dolls at that time were also called Holland Wife, which was completely different from the inflatable dolls of today. It was some rattan wrapped together with a little oil. With the development of the times , cheap sex dolls became popular in japan in the 1990s . Inflatable dolls are made of plastic. They are filled with air like balloons . They're meant for men to vent, but as you can imagine, things like this aren't great. Sell ​​it because the gap with the real person is too big.

    Now, with the gradual increase of people's experience, physical dolls have begun to become popular. Yes, they are the same Silicone sex Doll as real people seen online. As soon as this anime sex doll came out, it was madly robbed. Not only did people use it as a sex tool, but some people actually took it as a wife, and some people took her as a friend to take pictures or something.

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