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Let's Get to Know The Integrated Wall Panels That Are Often Seen in Life

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    In recent years, integrated wall panels have begun to enter the public's field of vision, and more and more young people have begun to choose wall panels during the decoration process.

    More than ten years ago, PVC wall panels appeared and were widely used for bathroom ceilings and kitchen ceilings. The wall panel market at that time had a single color, mainly white. Today's wall panels have various color combinations, but because the thickness of one side is too thin, there is no texture, and the impact resistance is not enough, it is not suitable for wall decoration.

    In order to improve the quality of PVC wall panels and make them applicable to wall systems, the building materials people have developed SPC stone plastic wall panels after technical improvement. Compared with PVC wallboard, stone-plastic wallboard is thicker, more resistant to impact, has more diverse color options, and has gradually become a new choice for wall systems. However, after the test of the market, the drawbacks of stone-plastic wall panels are gradually exposed to the public. One of the environmental protection requirements cannot be met. Whether the stone-plastic wallboard is the base material or the cold glue for laminating, it cannot pass the environmental monitoring. The second material is too brittle, easy to break, difficult to cut and process, and cannot meet people's requirements for modeling. The third product has poor plasticity, cannot withstand the test of temperature changes and has poor resistance to deformation. Due to various defects, stone-plastic wall panels have not fully bloomed in the wall market, and are currently only used in small restaurants, hotels, and other fields with low-quality requirements.

    In recent years, non-bamboo and wood fiber integrated wall panels have become popular in the decoration industry. wood bamboo wall panels are natural and environmentally friendly, with high flexibility, which can be easily cut and matched with decorative lines, with various shapes and colors, which can meet the decoration requirements of people in different fields. This product is not only suitable for the wall, but also for the ceiling so that the top and the wall are integrated.

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