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The story of Lineage 2M is pretty straightforward

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Start date 19-01-22 - 13:39
End date 31-01-22 - 08:23
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    A unique sub-quest system allows players to choose various routes to higher levels with a greater range of adventures throughout the journey. Sub-quests like 'Oracle Quest' and 'Codex can help you escape the monotony of hunting and grinding for character development which is typical with other MMOs.

    Boss monsters are available in all sorts of lethal shapes and sizes, and lurk in the dungeons and fields. There's no mistaking it when you encounter one due to their size and strength.

    You'll need to form groups together with other players to take on boss monsters, while you engage in battles with other factions to keep other groups from getting their targets. As a result, players of Lineage2M are able to experience a real MMORPG in which collaboration and competition occur at any time in a vast scale.

    During the beta phase that we played, we could join in the fun when trying to take down a Monster, known by the name Queen Ant that lives in, er, inhabited, the Ant Nest in the Gludio. We can say for certain that she was not walking around after we and dozens of beta players cut her down to size and snagged some loot.

    The story of Lineage 2M is pretty straightforward. The game starts with a long cut-scene that shows an epic battle in the castle. According to the tale, there's a very wicked and powerful villain called Etis that has caused a lot of death and destruction throughout the land.

    If you want to know more about Lineage 2M, you can go to