How do I determine the "true" maximum and minimum Cover Image


How do I determine the "true" maximum and minimum

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How do I determine the "true" maximum and minimum has not posted anything yet
Start date 25-01-22 - 03:00
End date 19-11-22 - 06:00
  • Description

    My time to flip is based on the trend of the item. If it is going up I'll buy it at the current price (how I determine the max and minimum prices will be discussed in the next section) before selling them at their maximum when the transaction is completed. Sometimes, i purchase/sell at 1gp more than the min/max based upon the margin of profit as well as the speed at which i can determine to purchase or sell.

    If the price of the item is declining, I will purchase at min price and immediately sell it at the maximum price, while buying at the minimum price. The reason I do this is that if I take the time to wait for 10 minutes to buy a maximum amount of an item that is trending down the price will decrease within that time.

    How do I determine the "true" maximum and minimum. I purchase 10 items for more than the price and then sell it for far less than the real price. I will get money back if I buy more than. It will then inform me the amount it bought for. If I sell it for far below, it will offer me more than I wanted, since that is the minimum price currently available.

    This will tell me the most recent max and min (more precise that the graph) and will tell me when an item is about to fail before the graph can tell me. What do you do? Do you have a chance to critique my character in some way? Any suggestions on merchandising armour and weapons? If you want to know more about can go