When you're at jad, brew/sup up to full stats Cover Image


When you're at jad, brew/sup up to full stats

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When you're at jad, brew/sup up to full stats has not posted anything yet
Start date 06-02-22 - 01:00
End date 10-02-22 - 12:00
  • Description

    Bring 1k broads, you'll only use 500-700. Switch helm to either the neitiznot or veracs. Legs to prossy, or verac. Boots to rune or dragon. In terms of strategies are concerned, trapping the 180's on either the 360's or 45's is an important goal.

    Another one is that the 90's are dying. 360's and 45's should always be last. Make sure to get rid of the 22's the earliest possible because they consume prayer. Hardest waves are 53-60, which is when the 360/180/90 trifecta comes out. You must first locate the 90, then go behind the 90, kill it and run around the 360 or either trap the dragon or the 180 while killing the 360.

    When you're at jad, brew/sup up to full stats, as well as a ranging pot, and turn on range pray. If he does hit you first, you must to know which attack that he's going to do next, and just brew/sup/range prayer switches. If it's the healers, it is recommended that you are praying for eagle eye/steel skin, and you either tank them or kill them one-by-one. This option is more convenient to do, time-wise but could be more hazardous. Have fun.

    If you want to improve your stats, I'd suggest 85 Attack and Strength, and 80 Defense. You could choose to play with smaller stats, but it's not effective to get slow kills or not too many kills during a single trip. It's nice to get Eadgars Ruse completed, simply since it's a better route to GWD. I'd also recommend having the required Summoning Level for at the very least a War Tortoise that can store items.

    I've tried to make the armour as low as possible so it's not too expensive. For instance, a Divine Spirit Shield would be the best shield to use however, not everybody can afford it. I hope this has helped, if you want an inventory just ask. Most times, it's not hard to figure that one out.

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