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Madden 22 - It was not an actual Super Bowl

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    This month, while using the Xbox controller from the comfort of the bedroom of his son, Velazquez almost a year old in Lake Stevens High School, took home the North American Scholastic Esports Association's spring 2021 national championship in "Madden NFL 21," the most recent rendition to the long-running video football game.

    Simply to say he won't overvalue Velazquez's accomplishments. He dominated. "I just full-on clean sweeped everybody," the teen said. After a regular season of six weeks that started in early March, Velazquez qualified for playoffs in his tournament's top seed and did a great job of destroying his opponents in the process of getting to the championship game.

    On April 23, it took just under half an hour Velazquez to win the best of five finals and claim the championship. Internet glitches and a younger brother put him in more danger than his adversaries.

    Despite his origins as a Lake Stevens Viking, Velazquez carved through the tournament playing as his team, the Green Bay Packers. The MVP of the quarterback position Aaron Rodgers and star wide receiver Davante Adams, along with the team's fast pace, made the playing style ideal, Velazquez said.

    It was not an actual Super Bowl, but tens of thousands of people were able to watch the live performance of Velazquez, as well as a recorded of the game has garnered more than 340,000 views on the streaming site Twitch. Officials from Washington's high school sports association believe that Velazquez is the state's first esports national champion. When the flu epidemic kept them from playing video games, Lake Stevens High School experienced a renaissance.

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