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Safe Drinking Water, Healthy Choices

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Start date 14-02-22 - 09:17
End date 30-11--1 - 09:17
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     If it is household drinking water, it is still necessary to choose carefully. There are a lot of waters on the market, but there are actually only 4 kinds of water. Traditional commercial water dispensers are pure water that most people drink.

        Pure water is pure water with no impurities and a conductivity of less than 10. Domestic pure water generally uses RO reverse osmosis membrane technology to filter impurities in the water, which contains neither beneficial elements nor harmful elements, which can quench thirst. Purified water accounts for more than 85% of large buckets of water and bottled water. Long-term drinking of purified water should be paid attention to. Because pure water is pure water, there is no difference in water quality, so as long as the standard pure water is standard, you can choose a better brand.

       Mineral water is artificially added minerals on the basis of pure water. Magnesium sulfate and potassium chloride are generally added. The best-selling "Master Kong Mineral Water" in China has been changed to "Master Kong You Yue". Under the new national standard, the name of mineral water can no longer be used, and the content of food additives will be marked on the bottle.

        Natural water is surface water or groundwater. Springwater, mountain spring water, and bamboo root water are all natural waters. Like mineral water, the name of natural water can no longer be used after the new national standard is released.

    Natural mineral water is deep underground mineral water. The biggest difference from natural water is that beneficial elements meet the standard of natural mineral water.

    certified by international standards, so you can rest assured and be reliable.

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