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Costs like under 900k

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Start date 15-02-22 - 07:00
End date 04-11-22 - 08:00
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    If you dont have atleast the stats of lvl70+, barrows should not be considered a viable option... Since you will need a significant container of pray-pots and food just to get through one of the 6 brothers... This is a total disaster... Additionally, any high lvl needs lvl43 prayer, which should be top of the line at present... Shouldn't cost u 300k if ur Gilding (not burying) big bones.

    And omg, Ah! Even I wanted to be the Mage to be honest.. However, i ended up with melee levels that were higher... Prolly cuz mage sux for combat, except when you're using an old spellbook that has extremely powerful spells, but they cost around 1k each time you cast. In addition, melee is the only way to win! In barrows however, Mage is better, as their armor (the level 115s) are among the best melee defense in the game.. It also has a low magic defence. Also, prayer is one of the greatest skills you can acquire.. It's definitely worth the price... Continue to work on your abilities, but be careful not to grind.. Take pleasure in the game.

    You can get full torags with no hammer. Costs like under 900k. It's one of the highest melee Defs in game. and much cheaper than veracs (veracs helm on its own is around 900k+). Most likely, all Barrows armour degrades while in combat.. The brks are completely destroyed after 15hrs of fighting..

    Following that, you will need to repair them. This will cost you around 230k for the whole armour component. The next step is a Wep. whip is great for atk and def training however, you should get a Dragon Scimmy / Brackish blade for str. Dragon scimmy is cheaper than a brackish, (50k in comparison to 500k) but needs completion of the monkey madness..If you want to know more about product information can go to