In order to change Takeovers, you'll need to purchase Cover Image


In order to change Takeovers, you'll need to purchase

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In order to change Takeovers, you'll need to purchase has not posted anything yet
Start date 18-02-22 - 01:00
End date 23-02-22 - 08:00
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    In the next-gen release of NBA 2K21, players could change their MyPlayer Takeover following their creation because of Mamba Mentality badge. Mamba Mentality badge. This badge, once unlocked will allow players to switch their Takeover after having completed all badge progress. The new year will see 2K users can alter their Takeovers once they've been created However, there's a different procedure this time. Here's a look at the information you should be aware of when changing Takeovers.

    In order to change Takeovers, you'll need to purchase the Mamba Mentality reward. To avail this perk you'll have to go to Chris Brickley's gym in The City. Here's how to find it on the map: When you've arrived, speak to Chris and he'll inform you there are some athletes in the gym. they are ready for a three-on-3-three-three-three-three-three-three.

    You'll need to win this game, plus three games after in order to receive an Mamba Mentality perk. We should also note that you aren't likely to win the four games at the Brickley's gym at the same time. If you win the first game move back to MyCareer and play some games. Brickley will call you on your phone once he's prepared and has more players waiting to take on, so be sure to keep track of it following every game you take part in.

    As stated by NBA 2K Gameplay Director Mike "Beluba" Wang on Twitter, the dev team reportedly made these "pretty moderate" Badge tweaks in mind to keep the game's day one balance to the best of their ability. As long as further testing can reveal how significant the changes to balancing really were, it's an improvement and improvement to defense.

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