The new currencies should be prioritized over VC Cover Image


The new currencies should be prioritized over VC

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The new currencies should be prioritized over VC has not posted anything yet
Start date 22-02-22 - 13:39
End date 28-02-22 - 08:23
  • Description

    The reality is that not everything can be described as a VC buyout. Lots of prizes and upgrades are locked behind other forms of currency, which cannot be bought with real money. This is actually a good thing; it means that they are realistically achievable purchases for everyone.

    Anyone stuck in an VC mindset will be great in the auction of packs and house items but they'll miss out on some of the best equipment only by making tokens available and MyTeam (MT) Coins. The new currencies should be prioritized over VC.

    The temptation is to make an entire team with an character. It's quite fun to play a team that has built their whole existence on shooting threes. However, the fun comes to an end fast when opponents on the internet realize what's happening, switch their defensive strategies at the touch of a button and they make it nearly impossible to score.

    Change is the key to guiding an important factor in bringing the team to success and that includes being able to manage everything well. Cards that can pass, shoot from anywhere and defend both outside and inside are invaluable even if the OVR isn't that high.

    All defenses and defensives has weaknesses with MyTeam and it's all about deciding on the right plays in order to defeat the weaknesses. A majority of playbooks don't offer versatility and are limited in the overall quantity of plays available to play. For the most part, these suggestions focused on earning money, but now is the time to shop.

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