Particularly if you're a pro Pker such as Mic Cover Image


Particularly if you're a pro Pker such as Mic

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Particularly if you're a pro Pker such as Mic has not posted anything yet
Start date 23-02-22 - 02:00
End date 26-02-22 - 07:00
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    Particularly if you're a pro Pker such as Mic. If you are a pro, then you will make a profit. Also, the boots street price was 25M (Leaf purchased the boots) While the GE price was 8M? I assumed it was the same. It seems that you can't invest money now. People are just storing it the cash in their wallets.

    You've had this information clarified to. A street value is the price that someone is willing to pay for an item. A GE price is an automated way of recording transactions , and then updating the price according to that. What is the reason why GE prices fluctuate? Because people purchase and sell at market prices via the GE and it changes the price to match that.

    Since I joined RS some months ago and finally joined, I've noticed a huge amount of players (mainly around the GEx) begging for money. Personally, I've never been able to put more than 500K in my name. I've never needed more than that, and I've never even set out to make money.

    However, whenever I've had to spend money on something, I've worked very hard to earn the funds I required. I'm not one to consider asking people for money , yet I've noticed a multitude of players asking for sums in excess of 100K, 500K and even 1M. I was wondering if people actually donate money to these players? Do they earn a profit from these beggars?

    If it does then it feels a bit demoralising to a player such as me who, when I'm in need of money, puts efforts and time into earning it. It is a shame to see how lumby. Many players from the past create level 3 accounts just to plead. Let me tell you... as soon as I created my account... I was offered around 250K in goods and cash... But this was around 2 weeks ago. Now next weekend I should have about 10 million. Why? Because I used the money. The money will prove to be beneficial. There is one rule. Do not ever ask for it. I've never asked for it , I was just given it by some random person. If you meet somebody who is not familiar and you know 100% that he/she is new you are able to choose to help them over.

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