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The Audience Of Refrigerators And Freezers Is Different Because Of Itself

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      In the use of household appliances, what does the difference in the audience of refrigerators and chest freezers reflect? In fact, it is closely related to its own function and purpose.

    Different functions: the freezer can only freeze food, and the refrigerator can not only freeze food but also refrigerate food to keep food fresh, etc.
    Different uses: General household refrigerators are small in size and have many functions, so they are used more in general households (it does not exclude the use of small restaurants and hospitals). The freezer has a single function and a relatively low price. It is very suitable for stores, especially cold drink shops and supermarkets (for frozen food), and the cost is relatively low.

       Other different places are:

    The volume of the freezer is relatively large, which can store a large number of items, and can store more food than the refrigerator.
    The refrigerator has a refrigerating room, which can store food with a temperature above zero, while the freezer does not have this function.
    The price difference is not very big. The price of the refrigerator is slightly higher than that of the freezer.

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