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How are you gonna manage to kill anyone

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Start date 01-03-22 - 03:00
End date 05-03-22 - 09:00
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    How are you gonna manage to kill anyone even if you lure them with these combat statistics? If they're the level of 3 or. He's got a decent selection...

    I was actually the victim of a pretty fantastic attraction. What happened was a guy was able to approach me asking me if I would like to be a part of an RSMV (Runescape Music Video) and he replied that he would give me 2mil. First, he gave me 100k to show he was legit then we started walking around and I would say lyrics when he wanted me to.

    Then he met two "random people" who were actually his buddies and requested that they join the video. They agreed and continued to follow us around, saying lyrics when he wanted us to, etc. Then he said we had to take on a larger demon to complete the next stage and he handed us all food (again to look legit) and then we into the wild.

    While on the way to the wildy, his 2 friends privately chatted with me and said that we should all be on the "leader" due to the fact that he believed to be holding 5 million within his possessions. Once we reached the wildy they started killing him, and both were instantly skulled when they swarmed at him. I realised long before that this was a fraud and I didn't take any action.

    The reason they enticed me was due to the fact that I was wearing Full Zammy so they knew I was wealthy and that the payout would be in their favor. Consider these things about: Offer the person a sum of money to convince them that it's real and you'll receive a nice amount of money if you stick to the plan.

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