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Why Pneumatic Components Can Get People's Favor

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Start date 03-03-22 - 09:17
End date 30-11--1 - 09:17
  • Description

        Definition of pneumatic components: pneumatic components perform work through the pressure of a gas or the force generated by expansion, that is, a machine that converts the elastic energy of compressed air into kinetic energy; a pneumatic component is a form of power transmission and an energy conversion device that uses gas pressure to transfer energy.

        The trachea straight joint has a series of advantages such as advanced structure, good performance, convenient use, no welding, no need to expand the pipe, and other products such as air quick coupler has been widely used in life.

        Why are pneumatic devices so popular?

    The pneumatic device has a simple structure, lightweight, simple installation and maintenance. The medium is air, which is less flammable than hydraulic medium, so it is safe to use.
    The working medium is inexhaustible air, and the air itself does not cost money. The exhaust gas treatment is simple, does not pollute the environment, and has a low cost.
    Using the compressibility of air, it can store energy and realize a centralized air supply. The energy is released for a short period of time for high-speed response in intermittent motion. Buffering is possible. Strong adaptability to shock loads and overloads. Under certain conditions, the pneumatic device can have the self-maintaining ability.
    The full pneumatic control has the ability of fireproof, explosion-proof, and moisture-proof. Compared with the hydraulic method, the pneumatic method can be used in high-temperature applications.
    Compressed air can be supplied centrally and transported over long distances.

       Ningbo Yinzhou Xinbang Pneumatic Tools Factory is a Chinese manufacturer of pneumatic tools. The company mainly produces and sells tools such as Air Duster Gun, Air Chuck, Tubeless Snap Tire Valve, etc. Its products mainly include air couplers, air tools, hand tools, and electronic tools.