For NBA 2K22 this includes the MyCareer campaign mode Cover Image


For NBA 2K22 this includes the MyCareer campaign mode

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Start date 05-03-22 - 07:00
End date 09-03-23 - 11:00
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    In which of the Affiliation zones they would like to go to before jumping onto the Zipline, while riding down will let players demonstrate their skills with various animations. One of the animations showcased in the NBA 2K22 clip as the character ran their legs in the air while they flew down.

    In The Free Play Days, all offline and online modes are accessible in NBA 2K22 as well as NASCAR 21: Ignition but no DLC. For NBA 2K22 this includes the MyCareer campaign mode and myTeam collectible card mode, MyTeam collecting card game mode MyNBA where players get the chance to lead the team of their choice, as well as online modes to play with your friends. To play NASCAR 21: Ignition this is the Career mode online multiplayer modes as well as The Race Now mode that lets players race any time they'd like. There's even the chance to unlock accomplishments.

    Any progress made over this weekend can be transferred into the final version the game when you decide to make a purchase. Both games are on sale for the duration of all of the Free Play period. For NBA 2K22 its standard version is currently 67% discount. The game is available on Xbox One this has discounted the game to $19.79 however Xbox Series X|S players will be paying $23.09.If you want to know more about product can go to