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RuneScape - I camped waterfiends for the same levels

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RuneScape - I camped waterfiends for the same levels has not posted anything yet
Start date 10-03-22 - 09:08
End date 30-04-22 - 09:08
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    Make sure to conduct agricultural runs and sell all the plants. To be honest, I'm unsure why you felt it was necessary to get a drygore mace even though you've zero cash right now.

    Hey everyone, I'm on 60 Summoning and I want to attain 74 Summoning so I can do that new quest. I was curious about what time it would take as well as the fastest method of doing that. In the moment, I've got about 100 Crimson charms as well as 300 Gold charms, 100 Green charms plus 50 blue charms. I also have about 8m to work with though I am able to easily purchase more.

    Right now I am killing waterfiends in search of crimson coloured charms, and also using the citadel-training thing. Are there any other faster methods or alternative strategy (like Killing Bork) that I'm missing out on? I only play for a couple of hours each day. Can I realistically expect to get this sometime soon?

    Familiarization is one of the D & D that will significantly assist you. It's a bit long to describe, so check out a youtube guide for the procedure. The reward for doing Familiarization is that you'll get a 40 minute period where all the monsters you defeat will drop not one, not double, but THREE charms.

    I camped waterfiends for the same levels. It is likely that you can kill them pretty fast. Doing Bork daily also helps to increase the blue charms. A burst of rock lobsters could be attractive charms, but I find it to be somewhat of a waste because of the massive money loss you make. Cannoning the greater demons in the Forinthry dungeon also used to be a good source of charms, but I'm not sure of the effectiveness the cannon in eoc.

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