I have about 7 RS Member Accounts that I received Cover Image


I have about 7 RS Member Accounts that I received

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I have about 7 RS Member Accounts that I received has not posted anything yet
Start date 12-03-22 - 03:00
End date 19-03-22 - 06:00
  • Description

    I have about 7 RS Member Accounts that I received as a gift from an other forum. I'm considering to do a giveaway, but can I offer giveaways of RS accounts? If yes, in which board can I do it? It's based on the specifics of what you're planning to do.

    Can you offer up an actual RuneScape account? No, that is trading in the account and is considered RWT as per Jagex's guidelines, which we follow. Is it possible to give away a subscription code from pre-paid cards bought at stores? Maybe, read below for more details.

    If you are planning to give away pre-paid credit cards however, it's not allowed if the recipients do anything in return for the gift card. This can include but is not restricted to, them giving you games-related items, giving the player real money or that they have to click on links (and similar plans) to offer you the opportunity to get a referral from somewhere. Actually, asking that they do anything more then simply receive the code cannot be done.

    If you are talking about a sign-up topic where people could sign-up, and you draw random numbers and send the winners the prize (with none of the strings, or just the code) Then that could be considered acceptable.

    A charity give-away is perfectly acceptable. But a swap of favours is not. It's about subscription codes, I have about 7 Subscription Codes (I believe, but I need to verify) that I haven't used so I decided to give it away to those who aren't able to afford one

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