New season include new quests which include"Rebirth" Cover Image


New season include new quests which include"Rebirth"

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New season include new quests which include"Rebirth" has not posted anything yet
Start date 17-03-22 - 01:00
End date 22-03-22 - 08:00
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    New season include new quests which include"Rebirth" and "Rebirth" quest and reward for MyCAREER. Earning Rebirth lets players create a new MyPLAYER that directly goes to 90 OVR. No need for grinding. Consider it a "New Game+" version of MyCAREER. Season 2 is also expected to revamp the way that TTO: The 100 functions in MyTEAM Players will not losing points when they take the win.NBA 2K22 Producer Teases Dynamic Season 5. Free Dark Matter Card

    As February winds down, NBA 2K22 has come close to the final season and its MyTeam mode. The game is scheduled to start February 25, and along with it comes news of big new features coming to season five. Producer Jonathan Smith joined Constant Walker on the official NBA2K Twitch channel during their Logo Show broadcast, teasing about a few topics that could be that are coming up and has the basketball community buzzing.

    Although nothing concrete was revealed during the show that was shown, what the viewers did see was enough to spark speculation on the internet about what NBA 2K22's fifth season is going to include. Smith rejected any attempts at digging deeper to get additional information, but announced that Wednesday's Courtside Report is coming shortly which could mean more information will be revealed in the next few days.

    At the 13-minute mark, Smith appeared on stream and was asked questions about the forthcoming season of MyTeam the game in which players can purchase and earn packs of cards, make teams and compete against other players around the globe in tournaments. One of the biggest announcements to hit the news has been the announcement that a Dark Matter card being the reward for getting to level 40. It is the first time that a card of this rarity is able to be acquired for no cost.

    Smith hasn't mentioned any names, but Smith did say that two new players will make their debuts on MyTeam that are available at level one of MyTeam while the other will be a feature of the Unlimited series. A fascinating aspect is the news of their introductions as unique, which is something the producers haven't yet been capable of achieving in this series.

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