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Some basic performance requirements for positioning components

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Start date 17-03-22 - 09:25
End date 30-11--1 - 09:57
  • Description

    Positioning components are the parts that keep the strip or blank in the correct position in the mold. Including guide plate (or guide pin), stopper pin, etc.

    Basic requirements for positioning components:

    The limit base surface has sufficient accuracy, so as to ensure the positioning accuracy of the workpiece
    The limit base surface needs to have good wear resistance. Since the working surface of the positioning element is often worn by friction with the workpiece, it should have good wear resistance to prolong the service life and positioning accuracy of the inspection tool.
    The supporting element must have sufficient strength and rigidity. During use, the positioning element is easily deformed and damaged by gravity and clamping force.
    The positioning components should have good manufacturability, and the positioning components should be simple and reasonable in structure, easy to manufacture, assemble and replace.
    The positioning components should be easy to remove iron filings and impurities. The structure of the positioning element and the shape of the working surface is conducive to removing iron filings and impurities, and welding slag produced by large welding parts. Because the dust in the workshop is easily mixed into the positioning element, which affects the positioning accuracy.
    The positioning element should have good processing performance, a simple structure, easy manufacture, and installation.
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