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This is what's Boss Rush in Lost Ark

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Start date 19-03-22 - 07:00
End date 16-09-23 - 08:00
  • Description


    It is the Endurance stat is essential to your defense and health that is why it is a critical battle stat that tank players to prioritize. Endurance boosts your physical and magical defense and the efficiency of healing and shields.


    The Expertise stat drastically alters how Debuffs affect both you and your foes. Expertise extends the duration of Debuffs when cast on enemies and boosts the damage associated with Stagger effects. It also reduces the time of Debuffs that are used on you.


    This stat can only be used for your character. Any abilities, class skill specific types, or different forms of damage are enhanced by the addition of points to Specialization. For example, Specialization points for the Paladin sub-class boost the efficiency that you can use Holy Aura, the rate you improve your Piety meter as well as the damage from Awakening. Go to the Specialization part of the Character Profile to see how it affects your specific class.

    Start in your Lost Ark journey three days ahead of the rest isn't just the one bonus of the game's founder's Pack. The players who buy the pack will also be awarded the Northern Lawmaker skin set.

    Northern Lawmaker skin is available for purchase. Northern Lawmaker Skin is only available to players who buy the Gold and Platinum Founder's Packs, which cost $49.99 and $99.99 for each. The skin comes in three colors: black, red black, and white. Players aren't able to choose their preferred shade and will be given a random shade upon opening the Founder's Pack.

    The purchase of a bundle will not suffice to make it available within the game However, it is possible to unlock the skin. You'll need to complete the steps below to unlock the skin.If you want to know more about product information can go to