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The 2K22 city is more populous than ever

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The 2K22 city is more populous than ever has not posted anything yet
Start date 21-03-22 - 12:00
End date 09-03-23 - 07:00
  • Description

    The 2K22 city is more populous than ever... and this isn't necessarily a good thing. It feels like the 2K team is trying to craft an MMO that focuses on basketball. Everyday, there are quests scattered across the city, you're constantly required to move from one location to another to attend the purpose of a meeting.

    However, it does distract from the major strength of 2K22, on-court gameplay. I don't really want to take 45 minutes stumbling from my apartment to a shop to improve my appearance. I'll do it in one menu by a clicks so I can return to my basketball.

    Additionally, the new City erases the one thing that was 2K21's biggest upgrade - the reduction of load time. Even on PS5 it will wait for hours every moment you're trying to get out of your apartment or leave the practice facility. The City is just an uncomfortable experience everywhere and a reminder that larger does not always mean better.

    The way I see it is incredibly, to my mind. It's like the defensive play in this game is as strong as it has been in the past. It's easier to glide around the court and actually not be in the game this year. It's also refreshing to see less spectacular contact-dunks in the past. That was exhausting in 2k21.

    Offensively, shooting can feel somewhat more difficult, however this is mostly due to the enhanced defense, and not the mechanisms of the shot meter. Passing is incredible on this one. It is easy to handle the ball. The gameplay has really just been enjoyable for the two days when the game has been out.If you want to know more about product can go to