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All Madden 22 Awards Players Unveiled

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Start date 23-03-22 - 01:00
End date 26-03-22 - 08:00
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    Although there are more Madden 22 Awards yet scheduled to announce, we've already found out about four of the biggest players being recognized.

    The first one was Micah Parsons, and he's been chosen as Rookie of the Year in the Madden 22 Awards. While the criteria is less than clear but it's a perfectly reasonable option given the way Parsons delivered on the field this season.

    If he plays the same way as his counterparts in real life in Madden 22, it's should be no surprise that players have been relying on his defensive abilities this year. Tyrann Mathieu was next to be named Tackles Leader in Madden 22 Awards. Madden 22 Awards where players completed 198.8 million tackles for Mathieu last year on Madden 22.

    As he tries to lead the Los Angeles Rams to a Super Bowl victory, Jalen Ramsey was named Interceptions Leader for Madden 22 Awards. Madden 22 Awards with 49.2 Million interceptions recorded by Jalen Ramsey during Madden 22.

    It's also no surprise that he's far from the only Rams player who has been recognized as Aaron Donald has been named the Sacks Leader with 49.1 Million sacks recorded by players who play with Aaron Donald in Madden 22. Madden 22 is constantly bringing new players to MUT 22, and the most recent group includes the Super Bowl Past set. We do have some questions regarding these new cards.

    One of our most pressing queries is regarding the teams that were not included as part of the Super Bowl Past set. Mainly, some of the NFL's most successful Super Bowl teams. Let's go over these teams and players that we'd like to have seen as part of Madden 22 Super Bowl Past. Madden 22 Super Bowl Past campaign.

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