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I've used Runesape for three years ago

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I've used Runesape for three years ago has not posted anything yet
Start date 26-03-22 - 02:00
End date 30-03-22 - 05:00
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    I've used Runesape for three years ago. I create account log in do a tutorial. Then my friend say "Lets move to the old school one". I moved it there and then left the account behind. After three years (So it is now) I log back in and begin to play. When i first log in i clicked on box "Your account has been disabled" and then started playing (i dont realized what tha box is referring to yet).

    I start leveling my first game and I reach a to a new level. Then I hear "Gratulation" and I was about to thank you but i cant! Now I know what mute means so i look up how to be mute. I don't have any idea other than the original forum where it is simply how to obtain muted, nothing else. Then i found one post here and went to page of "Account settings" and check the account status... Muted permanently?

    In the event that there is evidence button I press it to see what i've done (Yes I clicked "Yes I would like to see the proof") The answer? Your account has been involved in major rule-breaking. We're not sharing any evidence that we have pertaining to this type of rule-breaking because to do so may compromise our detection methods.

    So , what should I have done? What i can do to be unmute? I need help from anyone, does Runescape have a "Trial support system"? How can I contact the support itself? How do I start a quick chat to say anybody somethink what is someone asking about something? ?

    The account page is not even a single button type "Unmute or something like that. Iam at the age of 23. So back in 2013 I was 20 years old - so my age was not enough to cause me to be mute. FYI: Following the tutorial in 2013 i travel to one city (where I was when i began my 2016 log-in) therefore i don't believe that someone has compromised my account. Also , i had a life guide back then so i dont connect to any chatrooms.

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