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The reason it's a great addition to runescape

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Start date 29-03-22 - 02:00
End date 31-03-22 - 07:00
  • Description

    Requirements: Completed Elemental Workshop 1 and 2 and the Quest Elemental Shock, have 30 combat, 30 magic and 30 defense. Alternatives: It can only be made from elmental bars but can be in the form of a Dagger or Short Sword or Sword, Long Sword as well as Claws or a 2 Hand Sword. The way to get it The weapon can be bought by other players and the smithed at 30 smithing after the successful completion and completion of Elemental Workshop 1 and 2 as well as also the Quest Elemental Shock.

    Description: It's just like all other Dagger, Sword or Claws except it is dark purple in color and when it is powered by runes, it shines it's color that corresponds to that of the elemental (Air it glows white, Water glows blue, Fire it glows red, Earth it shines brown) that it is filled with (If filled with a combination of elemetal runes , it glows black.

    For charging it, you have to select the runes associated with the spell you wish it to be fired on the elemental weapon and the runes are "placed" inside your weapon. It then comes up with a window showing you the avaiable spells you are able to use using Thoughts Runes when you select the magc. It will then eliminate any runes aren't able to use in a pure number amount of times (For instance it will let you apply the spell 567 times instead of 567.802934 time) and will then shoot your spell towards the opponent your attacking every 5th time you attack the enemy, by means of melee, rather than the method you normally conjure your spell by using your hands with a kind of throwing motion. The weapon you're using will glow the hue of your spell, and go through your melee attack towards your enemy. This counts as the magic experience instead of melee expereince (The damage will be dealt as usual)

    The reason it's a great addition to runescape it would be beneficial for both melee and mage players to be able use both attack styles in a way that allows mavericks to master melee and vice versa.

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