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Two Classifications Of PVC Boards

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Start date 01-04-22 - 15:21
End date 31-08-23 - 15:24
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        PVC board, also known as Chevron board, Fron board. It is a kind of extruded sheet using PVC (polyvinyl chloride) as the main material, suitable for making PVC siding and indoor PVC siding. The surface of this sheet is smooth and flat, the section is a honeycomb-like texture, lightweight, high strength, and has good weather resistance. It can not only partially replace wood and steel, but is also suitable for carving, drilling, painting, bonding, and other processes. It is not only widely used in the advertising industry, but also widely used in decoration, furniture, and other fields.

        According to the production process, PVC sheets are divided into PVC foam boards (PVC crust foam boards, PVC free foam boards) and PVC arch extrusion boards.

        The crusted foam board (also known as Chevron board or Andy board) is a layer of hard skin formed on the surface of the board (single/double-sided), with high hardness, not easy to produce scratches, and the cutting surface is slightly sandy The texture of the surface is suitable for making PVC characters, and the price is slightly higher. The surface hardness of PVC-free foam board (also known as Fron board) is average, with a finely uneven surface, which may cause scratches, and the price is slightly lower.

        The comparison between PVC arch extrusion board and ordinary foam board is that the adhesive film of the latter is glued to the surface of the board at room temperature, and the film will fall off in a short period of time (1~2 years). The former uses a vacuum laminator, which is attached at a higher temperature, so it is not easy to fall off.

        Zhejiang Haichuang Integrated Housing Technology  Co., Ltd. is a PVC wall panel manufacturer and interior PVC wall panel manufacturer, producing wood bamboo wall panels, PVC siding panels, and other home decoration products.