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How to choose a good lotion pump?

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Start date 12-04-22 - 09:25
End date 30-11--1 - 09:17
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    When you're pumping your makeup bottle and you're constantly running out of lotion, maybe you should consider taking a look at this article. It is necessary to choose a good lotion pump. When we are choosing a lotion pump, we must consider these points.

    Pump type

    As part of the packaging of different personal care and beauty products, there are different types of dispensing pumps. There are generally three types of dispenser pumps.

    Clamp lock pump

    Let's start with the clip lock pump dispenser. Clip-lock dispensers have a removable plastic clip on the neck of the pump. The clip prevents any accidental dispensing of the contents of the plastic bottle. Therefore, it is more difficult for children to splash liquids on themselves when attached to the clip. This is a great way to keep lotions, personal care products, or detergents from getting on your clothes.

    Progressive cavity pump/locking pump

    Progressive cavity pumps are the second most common type of dispensing pump. It is also known as a lockout pump or a switch pump. There is a screw under the head of the progressive cavity pump that you can turn left or right to turn the pump on or off. In order to use the progressive cavity pump, you must first unlock the nozzle by turning it counterclockwise. You can dispense liquid by applying pressure to the nozzle with the dispenser unlocked. The dispenser can be locked by pushing the head down and then turning it clockwise until you feel a little resistance as the screw engages. Shampoos often come with these types of pump heads. On the caps of some dispensers, you can find arrow marks indicating the direction in which you should tighten the cap.

    Toggle Pump/Lock Pump

    Pumps with on-off mechanisms are popular dispensers. It is very simple and convenient to use. By pressing the nozzle, the liquid in the bottle is dispensed and the nozzle springs back to its original position. It's very popular because it's easy to use and generally looks great. In addition to its dual name, the on/off pump is also known as a locking pump because, unlike a progressive cavity pump, it does not need to be pushed down to lock. You can turn the nozzle left or right to lock/unlock the switch pump, depending on what the embossed logo says. For this reason, the words "STOP" and "OPEN" are usually printed on the switch pump cover.

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