Development of Silk Material in Vietnamese Garments

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For quite a long time, silk material is a popular garment material in Vietnam. People have used silk to style costumes for members of the royal family. Nowadays, silk is widely useful for plenty of fashion products.

Silk has good characteristics which make it a good material. Silk is said to be the absolute most luxurious, comfortable fabric. It's the absolute most absorbent of fabrics (equal to wool).

Additionally, it is also the best fabric for drape and color. Silk is capable of the best luster and could be the strongest natural fabric. Silk clothes are cool in summer and warm in winter. Therefore, it is greatly desired and favored by customers. Seventy percent of the silk clothes in the Vietnamese market are manufactured locally.

Silk material may be used for different garments such as dresses, designer silk shawls, scarves, embroidered blankets, jackets and embroidered silk suits. This material is also used to create shirts and pants.

Silk bags are also plentiful in Vietnam's garment markets today. Moreover, long dresses created by silk are the absolute most well-known Vietnamese girls' image. Silk clothes make the wearer beautiful and feel just like the special person they are. Also, silk along with embroidered artwork makes people more attractive and confident.
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