What is Tibetan Thangka painting?

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Tibetan Thangka painting has a long history of more than a thousand years. It absorbs and draws on the art painting forms of India and Nepal. . Today's Thangka paintings extend from the original religious content to various fields such as natural scenery and real-life and are deeply loved by everyone.
Thangka painting, also known as Tangga, Tangka, is a transliteration of the Tibetan language. It is a colorful scroll painting embroidered or painted on cloth, silk or paper, and is painting with rich Tibetan cultural characteristics.
Thangka has a wide range of contents, ranging from colorful Buddha statues to pictures of Tibetan history and ethnic customs. The Tibetan Thangka composition is rigorous, balanced, plump, and changeable. The painting mainly consists of heavy brushwork and white strokes.
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