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Beyoncé – Hold Up (Video)

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  1. Well if you were in christian praying bible reading n following couple… you would be more peaceful

  2. this song was inspired from Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

  3. I understand the concept behind “how could someone cheat on Beyoncé.” But how many good women, like her, get mistreated and taken for granted?

    You’ll never be pretty enough, tall enough, kind enough, caring enough, smart enough, sexy enough for someone to do you wrong when THEY choose to.

  4. Imagine being this perfect while using a baseball bat

  5. Scarpe che appaiono e spariscono…..mah!

  6. great Vampire Weekend song.

  7. Imagine cheating on Beyoncé. GODDAM BEYONCÉ

  8. I'm still wondering why Beyoncé didn't leave Jay Z after his cheating. Like, she's got all the money to live on her own and bet there are thousands of men who would actually respect her and LOVE HER

  9. That whole second verse told Jay z that he would be nothing without Queen B

  10. Shout out to OSHUN😍‼️ and if you don’t know about her look it up‼️

  11. I'm so feeling this right now..😂😂

  12. She’s strong for choosing family over his cheating ass attitude‼️

  13. Can't find Pipilotti Rist in the Credits 😒

  14. I wonder if the part where she breaks open the fire hydrant and dances in it is at all a referance to crazy in love, bey and jay-z's first love song together, where she does the same thing. One being when they first fell in love and the other the cheating point in their marriage.

  15. Jay-Z cheating like he doesn’t find Beyoncé pretty

  16. Michael, I’m not playing with you meatball ☝🏼

  17. Gosh this is forever my favorite Lemonade song, video and moment I just love the quality of the colors I don't know how to describe it! the whole aesthetic of the video is beautiful.

  18. People…wake up. Please. “I plug my menses with pages from the holy book.” Does that sound like a Christian person? Does it sound like a decent person at all? This just further propagates this sick culture we are all living and when it swells and festers and finally touches your life in some way, I hope you’ll realize that. How can people even start to think they know these celebrities are good people? You don’t. And judging by their works, they are not.

  19. King Trinidad I now the way to receive everlasting life on earth.heavon on Earth from King leader.

  20. "Tried to be prettier"
    Excuse me?

  21. There is nothing as deep as a Virgo womans love…but there is nothing worse than a Virgo womans rage ♍

  22. This a whole art piece👏The shots, especially the beginning, was beautiful.


  24. How much of a fool do you have to be to cheat on BEYONCÉ

  25. 3:05 me and my last brain cells after a exam

  26. Beyonce playing GTA in real life.

  27. 🏵🏵🏵🏵🏵🏵

  28. Bey me empresta esse vestido,amei ele

  29. Yo B..they should get the hell out of our paths, go baby go baby!!
    I love you 💖

  30. " Abstained from mirrors….I threw myself into a volcano…. I saw the devil…I grew thickened skin on my feet….. I plugged my menses with the Holy Book… which book would that be "Queen Bey?…. The Bible? Sampling an Andy Williams song. Yes Andy Williams. The English Beat.

  31. Jayz literally produced a song of her roasting him

  32. Am i the only one who got a glimpse of one of those kids wearing a t-shirt with Bey's first album cover?? :)))

  33. It really does feel like you're under water

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