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It’s Getting Harder to Spot a Deep Fake Video

Fake videos and audio keep getting better, faster and easier to make, increasing the mind-blowing technology’s potential for harm if put in the wrong hands. Bloomberg QuickTake explains how good deep fakes have gotten in the last few months, and what’s being done to counter them.

Video by Henry Baker, Christian Capestany


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  1. So basically in the future, kids my age will be having this as a new subject?

  2. I will never believe my gf again when she sends me a video of her m*stbating

  3. I was suppose to do something similar to deep fakes back in 2007-8 for toyota's whyhighlander but they even stated that it would be stealing from the actors if it weren't done with their actions. Was working with motion syncing with automated voice acting for 3D animations back then as a pet project 🙁

  4. that's how 911 was pulled off.

  5. Speech synthesis technology and the type of deep learning used in "deep fake" videos are completely different. If you'd taken 15 seconds to do some additional research, you'd know that origins, purposes and the paths of evolution of each are wildly different.

  6. That how Trump won the election

  7. A HA! Maybe this is why holograms are the way they are in Star Wars, to avoid deep fake!!!

  8. Right when video calls were becoming a thing.

  9. The real p4oblem will start when AI becomes capable of doing it in real time.

  10. Yes, time to destroy media

  11. law should create to punish ppls who put out fake news, jail for 10 years

  12. Imagine a movie with thousands of Nicholas Cage!!

  13. The year is 2164 and people are wondering how did Nicolas Cage made all the movies ever.

  14. 1:37 this is fake news on steroids XDDDDDD

  15. I need to learn to make some deepfakes, but then again, I'm Le Tired, I think I'll take a nap first.

  16. Porn is always on top of their game in all the coolest technology. They do deep fakes. They make sexbots. Isn't porn amazing?

  17. As long as DeepFake memes that are obviously fake are allowed and harmful ones don't do any actual harm, I'm happy.

  18. Isn’t it odd that they pushed this. And now today all these clips are coming out

  19. How many trump videos exists like that ?

  20. lmfao there's really no need at all for this technology when ABC News is already willing to air footage from a fucking gun ranch in Kentucky and title it "slaughter in Syria". No hoax editing necessary, just fake news.

  21. Hypergan and such are such beautiful inventions, why does this need to happen?

  22. This could be trippy in like…broadcasting our dreams.

  23. Everyone is fake. Computers are real.

  24. is this how "FAKE NEWS" started?!

  25. This vid makes me loved with deepfake

  26. Does this mean you guys can make Putin into a porn video?

  27. This is revolutionary for the porn industry 👏

  28. As if nicolas cage movies out there is not enough

  29. And this Software is Created to say… HEY Guys WE GOT TO BANNED the internet.¡¡¡¡ hahahaha.. Real.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  30. 0:57 I thought that was a deepfake at first

  31. i use deepfake to prank my friends.. way funnierer than just making regular memes.

  32. I never saw a CC that damn big

  33. The Antichrist is fast at our heels…..

  34. In the past only with cartoons did we have this much creativity. Now reality can be bent and twisted at a whim to create a Frankenfake. Totally creepy

  35. You can't fake Tommy Wiseau.

  36. This just gave MSNBC and CNN buckets of ammo against Trump.

  37. The muscles of their face looks really weird… as if they had plastic surgery

  38. NASA been faking space for the last 60 years this doesn't even surprise me

  39. I think pretty soon we'll probably see videos of 2pac or xxxtentacion and other dead celebrities saying theyre actually alive. Least this lets me know to not be fooled

  40. This is surly gonna suck, fun and game is fun but just give a sec and think about what this can do.. who ever came up with this should go F urself

  41. Now if we make a deepfake for voice…

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