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Live Video Test Calls from the new Grandstream GXV-3175

See the new Grandstream GXV3175 video call another 3175 and also integrate with a Video Door Access keypad and a Mobile Wi-Fi SIP Video Phone, brought to you by Justin Ramirez. ABP Technology has fully tested the 3175 with these products and also Mobotix and Grandstream IP Surveillance cameras. ABP is a stocking distributor and has all of these products in inventory for VARs and Service Providers. Email sales@abptech.com or call 972-831-1600.


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  1. This IP phone is #1 – no one else can compare.     Grandstream has the nicest IP phone available anywhere, bar none with the 3175.   That will change with time of course, but for now, all should kneel before this phone.    As good as it gets.

  2. Does it work with Mobotix T24?

  3. Hi, I have this setup but when I press the doorbell and it rings though whoever is on the phone cannot hear me from the doorstation end.
    I have opened up port 8000 for the doorstation as requested. Any ideas?

  4. Video inception @ 2:10 😀 Good job great video.

  5. How do you open the door using the grandstream?

    Will it be configured automatically?

  6. Have you found a problem with using DTMF functions for auto attendants using this phone? Every time I try to "press 2 for blah blah blah" it just presses and holds 2 for like 15 seconds.

  7. @bronto98 @bronto98 No word on that feature yet. The latest firmware just came out with support for virtual BLF, social media sites and H.264 VGA and 4CIF resolution. Let me know if you need this document outlining these features and fixes.

  8. Is tehre any word on if or when Skype functionality will exist with the phone?

  9. @ykasprzak For the actual video calling with the Grandstream phones, no we are using an Epygi PBX that we recommend. Let me know if you need any info on this. However, we can view video from some of our SIP surveillance cameras and the 2N video door phone using snom phones that are on PBXnSIP. The snom phones pull the jpeg streams from the devices via IP so you bypass the pbx. It's not a true video phone but it works very well! Let me know if you have any questions about this stuff.

  10. @matthawaii There is PoE in this phone, You don't have to use the stylus but it is nice that they give you this option. Some of the soft keys can get tough to hit with your finger if you're not careful!

  11. @matthawaii There is PoE on the 3175. That and WiFi are standard which is a difference from the older 3140. I guess you don't need to use the stylus, I just use my finger for most things but it is much more accurate. We're selling these phones to VARs really well right now!

  12. Is there no PoE on the 3175? Hard to believe that they expect you to use a stylus.

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