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Do kids' beds need to be specifically designed for kids?
Kids' bed designs vary and can include anything from cars and trucks, princesses and castles, superheroes and more. The choice of design will depend on the kids in question and their interests.
There are a lot of beds out there that advertise themselves as "kids'" but in truth, these mattresses and frames seldom offer any more protection than the ones they're meant to replace (and usually they're either more expensive or less durable). Our readers recommend getting a regulation twin-sized bed with rails/guards installed.
Max and Lilly is one such company that makes these kinds of beds, and we like them because:
- they make them in three different sizes (twin, full, queen)
- you can customize your mattress firmness by choosing from five levels of firmness.
Can kid’s beds with slides be safe?
The mattress should be as low as possible so that your child can move from the top to the bottom of the bed without much effort. If any furniture is near the edge of the bed, ensure that there is a vertical bar for your child to hold onto if they fall off. No other toys or objects that may encourage climbing on it.
The Max and Lilly brand have enough room underneath for space lounging and a safety rail which ensures safety if kids do happen to slide off during their wild adventures! They’re perfect for active children who like bunk bed designs with slides.
How old should kids be before they stop sleeping with kids’ blankets?
The standard recommendation is to stop sleeping with kids' blankets when they start preschool. Lilly and max have a range of products for babies and toddlers before starting preschool.
Kids are unlikely to have trouble sleeping despite the type of blanket they use so it's up to parents whether or not kids can still use them after their baby years. It is important if your little one does sleep with a blanket that it is light enough to sleep well but warm enough for nighttime too. If kids do not feel comfortable then kids will probably shed their blankets.
What material should kids' sheets be made out of?
It depends on how often you want to wash kids’ bedding, what season you're in, how sensitive your child is to certain fabrics,s and how cool kids want your kid’s sheets to be. There are many different materials kids' bedding can be made out of including cotton, silk, polyester, flannel, and satin.

We highly recommend the Max and Lilly brand for children's bedding, which is made of pure cotton to provide a softness that is comfortable enough for the little ones. The sheets are also color-saturated with Bobo birds, adorable dragonflies, or kangaroos in every piece! All you have to do is select your child's age.
The high-quality materials will not only be durable but will also help prevent allergies, keeping any room smelling fresh all year round.
Consider lining his or her closet with full-length mirrors and turn it into their own personal dressing room!
What is the best way to keep kids' rooms tidy?
A good way to keep kids' rooms tidy is by putting away loose toys before kids go to sleep for both kids’ health benefits as well as kids’ bedroom maintenance. A good cleaning routine should also include kids’ beds made each morning, with dirty clothes put in their laundry baskets or bins. If any little messes need wiping up then doing them straight after kids make them will make it easier to clean the kids' room with fewer smudges everywhere.
If you're looking for a kid’s room storage solution, check out our MAX AND LILLY BRAND products. For best results, be sure to dress it up with shag carpeting or vintage houndstooth fabric. You can easily find these items on IKEA--we recommend investing in a good rug that will last and not show dirt as much if you go this route! Plus drapes provide such great opportunities for personalization and creativity as well as enough privacy for those early morning wake-ups throughout those grueling school days!
Max and Lilly is a new brand of kids furniture that lives up to its motto, "Furniture for the Modern Kid." With seven different colors available in one design-driven piece of bedroom furniture, you can find something perfect without having to buy all your child's room pieces separately. You'll also love the company's commitment to sustainability with their use of non-toxic finishes and low VOC paint on every product they make. We hope this has given you some great ideas about what type of bed or dresser might be best for your growing family.
For further information visit our official website FurniturePik.

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