Assalamu Alaikum Hazrat!
I'm a new Muslim. I live in Bangladesh. I have converted to Muslim from Christian . My predecessor Sumon Chiran. And I have been named the Islamic name Muhammad Yahya. My father name is Monu Mrong and mother name is Minita Chiran. I was born 12-04-1997. It took me 1 year to complete my Islam. I used to preach about different religions. In this way, for 3 years, he was inspired and could not keep himself. Then I do Islam to Mawlana Muhammad Zakaria. Now I leave my parents and brothers and sisters all the work of Allah in Da'wah. Then Allah's will pleased 25 of the Christians have accepted Islam. In Allah's Cause, you help us. Our newcomer brothers and sisters all suffer from financial problems. To accept Islam, there is a lot of physical and emotional pressure on us from our homes. Now, if you do not help us financially, how can we remain steadfast on Islam? Still no one has come forward to help us financial aid.
Now we need a lot of money. Because, for the sake of the rehabilitation of the people of Allah and the new Muslims. Most of us are poor people. We have a small organization, the name is the New Muslim Rehabilitation Center. No Muslim of Bangal has come forward to help us till now. And most of the scholars of Bangladesh are killing the poorest and newcomers of the Muslim.
We still have no financial support for our brothers.
We are now 25 in the newcomer of the Muslim .
We have now become very important for the affidavit.
There are many dangers and threats coming from our own families. We have nothing to do now and we have become very poor.
For the sake of Allah, brother, brother or sister, in whatever way you help us.
Otherwise, we can not stand firm in Islam and remain steadfast in the faith.
Therefore, we will approve of our gracious petition, our supplication of the development of Allah, and the development of the new Muslim.
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Send money:
Bkash number: +8801744551157(personal­­)
Dutch bangla bank: +88017445511578(persona­­l)
May Allah blesse you.
Thank you!