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Some good computer tricks that are not commonly kn..

Some good computer tricks that are not commonly known.

Privacy Saved: Sometimes we often find ourselves in a situation where we see something in our PC and it needs to go off immediately like at home someone is coming to call you or in the office the boss is coming in your cabin that doesn’t matter you have to close it. In our PC if we want to off it we have to use the mouse .Instead of using mouse we can do this by using a shortcut .all one need to press the windows key + D key and you will land up at your desktop.

Rename a file: If we want to rename a file what should we do? We select the file and press the right key of the mouse and select the rename option .But it is a long task, isn’t it? Now I will tell you a trick by using this you can save your time. At first select the file and press the F2 button and rename it.

Open or closed Browsing Tabs: Often you open up your web browser tabs for finding something of your use and open some 35 odd tabs and it is known to you that something is important for you in there, you start closing them on by one and oops! You closed the tabs of your interest! Don’t worry about it just simply press Ctrl + Shift + T (works for all browsers) and it starts opening up your previously closed tabs.

Notepad Tricks: Now I am going to tell you about a notepad tricks. If you think that notepad is just a text editor, you are absolutely wrong. It has various uses. Create a Log using Notepad-Create new file using notepad in windows.
Type LOG and press enter.
Save this to your preferred location.
Close the file.
Now double click and open the same file again.Try to type something on this file.
Have you seen the magic?
The current date time stamp is automatically added to this note.

Bookmarks all open Tabs: Now I am telling you about a tricks that you can use in your chrome browser. By using this tricks you can bookmarks many open tabs at a time. Just press Ctrl + Shift + D to bookmarks all open tabs.
Lock Your Computer: You can lock your computer very easily by using this trick. To lock your computer just press the Windows +L key.
Matrix Falling Code Effect-Notepad CMD (.BAT) Tricks: This is another notepad tricks. This tricks is inspired by the movie matrix, this falling code tricks is extremely popular on social networking websites. Copy and paste the code given below in Notepad and save the file as “Matrix.bat”
@echo off
color 02
goto tricks
Running the bat file you will see the falling matrix effect.


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Best trips24 - one site where you can find any problem solution

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