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Furniture removals Palmerston North

If you are looking for furniture removals Palmerston North then contact Truck About. We offer top-notch Packing Services to reduce the stress of Moving, Our Packing Services are based on the same hourly rates as moving plus the cost of packing supplies. If you’d like us to do all or part of your packing and/or unpacking, please let us know when you make your bookings. TruckAbout offer reasonable moving rates with a friendly service for anyone who needs to move. Wherever possible we will find a shared/back load when moving a long distance, to further reduce your costs. For larger items you need to provide additional hands to lift these on and off the truck so enlist the help of family and friends. Alternately we can provide a second person at an additional charge. Our enclosed truck can load up to 16m3 so it’s big enough for up to 2 bedroom households in one trip. Click here to see the truck’s dimensions. If you have a larger move to make and you are moving locally we can make multiple trips and still save you money. You also get the added benefit of easier access with a smaller truck and not having to pack all your items into one load.

The Christchurch movers are also one of the best moving companies with high quality service. You can easily find a right moving company for you online. Some of the top moving companies are fully licensed and insured that also offer you insurance in case of any damage to your belongings. You can search six moving quotes online from best movers that will help you a lot in going through this painful and time taking task of moving and shifting. No matter where in the world are you moving, movers and moving companies will help you in transferring you and your luggage from one location to your desired destination. If you’ve been thinking about renting a truck and moving yourself, our truck and driver option will save you time, money and effort. Why drive a truck yourself when our experienced driver can do it for around the same price? All you’ll need to do is rally a few friends to help load and unload the truck at each end. Whenever you need furniture movers in Christchurch or any of our other service areas, please contact us.

For more info: https://www.truckabout.co.nz/f....urniture-movers-palm


Movers Palmerston North | Manawatu | Truck About

Movers Palmerston North | Manawatu | Truck About

Truck About's professional movers offers moving services in Palmerston North and Manawatu NZ. Contact us today for free quote.