Rocket League Trading down regardless of the current

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Rocket League Trading down regardless of the current

Even if Rocket League itself is up and running, there’s a chance that Rocket League Garage can go down. The website operates on different servers and they can go Rocket League Trading down regardless of the current server status of Rocket League.

When that’s the case, an error page should pop up, explaining what’s going on with Rocket League Garage, or it can also be a simple error text explaining the website’s servers are currently down.While there isn’t anything you can manually do to fix the issue, there are a few steps you can apply to see when the website would be back up.

If you can’t access Rocket League Garage, your first stop should be to check the website’s Twitter page since the developers let fans know of any recent developments regarding the website there. During an on-going maintenance, you should be able to get an estimated time of arrival for the fix from Rocket League Garage’s social media channels. If there’s an on-going server issue the developers also reported on Twitter, you’ll need to wait for the website to come back online.