Enjoy Desert Safari in Dubai

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A fascinating trip to the desert in Dubai is just a click away with a desert safari to experience hell lot of outdoor activities at the same time.

A fascinating trip to the desert in Dubai is just a click away with a desert safari to experience hell lot of outdoor activities at the same time. From camel riding to snorkeling, from swimming to adrenaline packed bungee jumping, Dubai Desert Safari offers an all-expense traveling experience for people who want to be entertained to the max. This place is like an entertainment playground where you can indulge yourself completely.

A Desert Safari to experience the true scope of the wild can't be done without an exciting camel ride. If you want a more authentic experience, you can opt for a camel ride on a specially designed camel which will take you through lush forests and experience the true camaraderie of the local people. Riding the back of a camel is like a journey to the middle ages of Europe where people used to wear long skirts and long hair. On your tour to the desert, you can also get to ride on the back of a UAE horse which is said to be the only four-legged animal that is allowed in Dubai. You can even go for a horse safari on a specially designed saddle, one that has been made especially for a horse's comfort and temperament.

The horses of the UAE are said to be among the best and the most intelligent of the horses in the world. So, on your desert safari tours in Dubai you can expect to have a one-on-one training session with the trainer where you will be taught the various skills required to ride the horse like how to keep discipline, as well as how to give feed and water to the animal. Once you are done with the training, you will be shown how to take care of the horse on your own. For this purpose, there are special tents where you can relax or even sleep during the night. The UAE takes pride in its desert safaris; hence there are numerous desert safari tours available all throughout the year.

There are several types of desert safari tours offered in Dubai. The most common ones include the morning desert safari, evening desert safari, and the one day desert safari. Each of these tours offer to explore the desert landscape and some of its most popular tourist spots. The one-day desert safari allows the tourists to enjoy all the major attractions of the city including the Burj al Arab hotel and the Madinat Jumeirah beach.

The morning desert safari tours allow travelers to drive down the dunes of the desert where they can enjoy the beautiful scenery and the sand dunes. There are three types of Jeep tours in Dubai - the Al Hajar Safari, the Al Wakraba Safari, and the Abu Dhabi Safaris. These tours offer the visitors the opportunity to drive on the rough terrain in the four-wheelers and take a closer look at the wild animals and plants of the UAE. For those who are a little scared of driving in the sand, there is another type of desert safari tours that can be done through the camel safari. This allows the camper to sit on a camel beside the rough terrain while being protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

During the afternoon, the rough terrain of the desert becomes more attractive with the rolling dunes. The tourists can take a bus tour to the various destinations and can also travel by car for the same. One can travel in the desert by riding on the hot air balloon and enjoy the cool air, the sparkling sand, and the adventure. One of the most exciting activities during the morning safari is the dune bashing where the participants can try their fortune in the game of dune buccaneering. Those who survive the trip can get the thrill of their life by sitting on the camel that passed through the dunes.

Another exciting activity during the desert safari in Dubai is sandboarding. This activity is available for both men and women. The participants have to board an inflatable platform which will allow them to slide down the sheer dunes of the Middle East. Sand boarding in Dubai is available for all ages, the inflatable devices come in different sizes and the platforms can accommodate up to two people. These platforms are placed in strategic locations near some of the most well known tourist sites in the city and give the travelers an exciting view of the surrounding area.

For the best desert safari in Dubai, it is important that you make arrangements for the trip well in advance to avoid any last minute hassles. You should also be aware of the places that you would like to visit and book the hotel rooms as early as possible. It would also help if you carry along with you some friends or family members who are willing to join you on the adventure. Most tour operators offering Dubai tours also offer desert safari holidays to some of the most amazing destinations in the Middle East that include the Al Hajar Mountains, the Al Baraka Desert and the Na'ama Desert.