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How old should you send your child to music lessons?

How old should you send your child to music lessons?

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Parents always want their child to develop harmoniously in a wide variety of directions. Children are drawn to creative pursuits

Parents always want their child to develop harmoniously in a wide variety of directions. Children are drawn to creative pursuits - modeling, drawing, and, of course, music. Music is considered one of the spheres that reflects reality through the transmission of sensations, impressions, and feelings through sound. Success in this area is preceded by a childhood in the bosom of nature, playing with other kids, and the attentiveness of parents. In this article, you can read a few tips for parents who want to send their toddlers to music lessons.


Parents need to remember that it is important to prepare their children for music school. How to do it? First of all, let the kid listen to classical works, as well as Italian opera. It is doubly good if parents include videos from concerts for the baby. It is difficult for small children to concentrate for a very long time, and therefore listening to music can be combined with playing children's drums, tambourines, triangles or wooden spoons. A recorder is also suitable for a kid.

Psychologists recommend starting music education at  3 or even  4 years old.

Attendance at concerts of classical music, where children can not only listen to works live but also see a live orchestra, can have a beneficial effect. Before attending a concert, it is recommended that you familiarize your child with the music recordings. By combining the method of playing and listening to songs, you can arouse the interest of the baby. Dancing classes can also be a plus because small children love to move.



The question of age remains purely individual. Some mothers listen to classics even during pregnancy. Psychologists believe that such children are more receptive, creative, and sensitive. Children love to make noise, sing and play, but not all have the necessary perseverance. Some kids say at the age of three that they want to play the guitar, and some even at school age do not understand what they are interested in. Parents who want to develop the child's creative abilities should start classes with the child as early as possible (at the age of 3-4 years). At 4-5 years old, you can take your child to the teacher. An experienced teacher plays musical games with the child, sings and dances with him. So if you are parents you have to take this step for your lovely child as he does not know how many days old am i today. It is through play that you can learn about the child's sense of rhythm, as well as about the level of his musicality. In addition, games prepare the child to play musical instruments, as well as to various additional classes from the course of the music school (solfeggio, choir). A tutor session twice a week can help you quickly understand your child's interest.


Very often, parents dream of their child playing the guitar or piano. A musically gifted child follows the advice of his parents, but over time he loses interest and pleasure in the process itself, because he wanted to play the flute, but not the piano.

Before sending your child to music lessons, it is better to go with him to a music school and show him different instruments. The kid himself will reach for what is close to him.

Some children are inspired by cartoon characters, films, television programs, and therefore they themselves demonstrate a desire to play.


From how many years it depends on the child himself to give a child to music lessons, but it is important for parents to remember that the first year of the child will be difficult. Most often, schools recruit groups of children for 5 years, and therefore it is important to develop a system of discipline. Playing the instrument lasts about an hour during the lesson, but it is important to instill in the kid the desire to practice at home. In this case, a home concert can be an excellent solution, when the child feels himself in the center of the parents' attention and develops the playing technique.

A few simple rules:

  1. The main thing is the desire of the child
  2. The choice of a teacher must be approached very responsibly
  3. The optimal age for studying at a music school is 5 years
  4. It is better to start making music when you are 3-4 years old.
  5. The child must choose his own instrument


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