My CrowdPoint Journey

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Here is a story about how I became a distributor to CrowdPoint

If you asked me a few months ago where I'd be today, I would never have said "I'd be a Micropreneur distributing products on a blockchain exchange."
Now, I am!

I always dreamed of being my own boss, having the freedom to choose my own hours, (so I don't miss the special moments in life) while making enough income to create a great future for myself. But never dreamed I'd accomplish it. It seemed so hard for the little guy to get started, let alone make a successful business out of it!

Well, I asked and the universe answered. I found CrowdPoint Technologies where Main Street gets a chance to compete with Wall Street. My new business is now my passion. It's a great profession. I make money distributing and reselling something I love while safeguarding the most precious asset of all time. The human identity!

When my customers buy from me, I give them an added service, I onboard them onto the Blockchain. In this process they can authorize their own digital identity. Made by them for them. My customers and I both win. I get to help others learn about Advanced Medicine approaches and they get a chance to protect their privacy. And I'm not alone. I'm building this with 1000 other amazing and like-minded people.

If you're reading this blog, you're not here by accident. Would you like to set yourself free? Your personal onboarding is free with every purchase.

Welcome to the 4th industrial revolution!


If you are interested just click the link 

Kim Outten 1 y

The power of the crowd is a force! Let's do this!!

Paula Kavanagh 1 y

I feel blessed to be a part of this group. The power of the crowd with integrity!

Valinda L Wood 1 y

"We each take a setp, but together we take a LEAP" !

Sherrie Outten 1 y

Indeed! Revolutionary!

Rick Reed Sr 1 y

#thisisblockchainbig This is blockchain big!