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Asking what is best for sleep i mean sleep is one of the most important health factors so that that's definitely good hemp cream

They're saying yes the books that i recommend um there's an author named ed rosenthal and he wrote um the marijuana growers bible and he also wrote uh beyond buds and i think there's a is there are there legal issues in each state uh for growing or what's the legal environment let's make sure hemp cream definitely because i was a medical patient in new Hampshire for five years and i wasn't allowed to grow my own check your state um i'm not sure what the elite laws are in the dc region but um we have to you know i think cbd hemp can be grown in any state now um and if you not growing a lot i don't think that you need yeah check with every state just check.

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Marijuana policy project they have a really good listing of all of that uh someone is mark is saying legal nowhere for federal law uh va is legal to grow as of july 1st 2021. i i honestly jan we should probably research that it's just an interesting thing to know about um you know we are definitely not legal experts here so we definitely check the laws of your state and the federal government and all that stuff uh before you grow your own but um it could be helpful um to grow your own if that's permissible so um but yeah mark is saying that the federal law is saying it's it's legal nowhere so i don't know federally you're it's everything is illegal federally except federally okay so then, in theory, yeah okay um i think that all of it is a little yeah okay except if you do like go to the dispensary of course and then it's sort of being yeah well that's a that's another topic.

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It's another topic right well uh we'll get that top again but thank you so much beth great yes well thank you so much for your time and expertise and knowledge information um and yes and James is saying jem is saying congratulations on your successful health journey thanks for all the great information i will echo gem on that um thank you so much beth it's great to see you today and um thank you for all the information that really helped a lot of people today so thank you you're very welcome um actually i do have one more question i know we're a little over time but i'm really excited about this topic um one thing i have is a doctor right i mean i called the medical cannabis commission in Maryland i mean there's not any formal training programs for doctors or other clinicians so how do we learn this you know more i mean they have some cme i think that need to look into um what is what is the way like if someone goes to the dispensary how do they really know.

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It more like with you know like you're doing like kind of a trial and error and figuring out what works for you know some basic things or is there some resource for either you know people to go to or or even um you know professionals that they could uh consult um there's a lot of resources out there uh some of them better than others um the the leafly and weed maps apps are good guidance and they have slimming gel  other patients on there talking about things um going on your social media um it sounds like a weird recommendation but going into social media groups like facebook has groups like cannabis for crohn's disease i think there's actually three cannabis for crohn's disease these groups and in there you can see how other people are using cannabis and get recommendations for strains and whatnot as far as consult talk to your doctor do your research but it's a lot of trial and error and be wary that a lot of people giving you advice are trying to sell you something yeah that that's yeah so i i really think that that's something we do want to do here in our clinic at capital integrative health is work on some medical education so we can kind of up level our level of knowledge so we can you know help more people with this i think it's just an area that it's a bucket that we really need to work on there um but yeah this is a good kind