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Reveal all the home field advantages of Madden 22

Reveal all the home field advantages of Madden 22

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Reveal all the home field advantages of Madden 22

Although some gamers believe that EA Sports is not very creative in the Madden football series. But it cannot be said that they did not try. In this year's legendary team Madden 22 game, EA introduced a new home field advantage Momentum Factors, every NFL team will have "home field advantage." This feature marks the first time we have seen a game trying to show home court advantage in a sport.

Things like this make a big difference in actual football, so this concept is a very reliable idea. Although home and away teams can use some general dynamics factors, each NFL team has a unique M factor when playing at home. Madden's official Twitter account publishes M-Factors by department.

AFC East and South:
You will Buy MUT 22 Coins notice that the New York Jets and the Giants have the same home court advantage because they both play in the Metropolitan Stadium. I think some M factors are too similar or not relevant enough to the home team's roster. I also think that the M factor should be variable and should be changed according to your personnel. Nevertheless, this idea is great, it is one of my favorite things in game testing, I am looking forward to the retail version of Madden 22.

AFC West and North:
My favorite home advantage is Mile High. Considering that many teams have difficulty maintaining endurance when playing in Denver due to elevated altitude, this is one of the more realistic concepts. The panting player animation helps sell it better.

NFC North and West:
As we all know, the Bears are a strong cold weather team. In their best season, they were surprised by teams that were not used to playing in cold weather. Looking at the home court advantage of the Bears, it is easy to see how EA will add layers to this concept in the future, especially in the franchise model.

NFC South and East:
I'm not sure what the MUT 22 Coins rhyme and reason behind Washington football team's unstable ground advantage are. The San Francisco 49ers have the same privileges. In any case, it should be interesting to play the entire season in franchise mode and see how these factors play a role in your experience. In addition, I recommend to you a good place to buy Madden 22 Coins-UTnice. They provide the fastest delivery speed on the market, you only need to place an order and pay successfully, and you can receive the products you want in a short time.