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Waking up in someone else's bed, drawing the curtains and seeing a foreign landscape, running to the shower and then having a comforting breakfast full of sparkling new flavors, is there a better plan before wandering around an unfamiliar city?

 A part of traveling consists of knowing the culture of the place and that includes food and of course find a buffet provider near you for breakfast!
Today we sit in the cafes and kitchens of the world to discover how the day begins in other countries. Who hasn't thought of having an English breakfast at home one weekend? Or taste the croissants so typical of our neighboring country? Come join us at the table and… enjoy!
1. An energetic English breakfast
This is a traditional version of a full English breakfast : beans, bacon, tomato and sausage or what is the same, protein and lipids to start the day with energy.
2. Chocolate with churros, nowhere like in Spain
Churros with chocolate. One of the most typical breakfasts in Spain and even more so in the winter months. Although it is true that each region has its sweets and its own tradition, let's see who is capable of rejecting some warm and crunchy churros
3. Crepes with maple syrup, because in the United States and Canada happiness grows on trees
The famous pancakes can be accompanied by different flavors: chocolate, fruits, syrups ... If we have breakfast with your Canadian neighbors, the pancakes will be accompanied by a soft and sweet ray of maple syrup. Yum!
4. In Italy, a quick breakfast to see the city slowly
Italians are known for their brevity when it comes to morning coffee. A cappuccino and a "cornetto" (a croissant with an Italian twist) is the easiest thing to have at a bar counter.
5. Denmark, because if the bread is good, the rest does not matter
The breakfast called "Morgenmad" is a very common dish in Denmark. On weekends, the bakers are dedicated to making a wide variety of breads and cakes. The breakfast we have chosen: black bread, called 'rugbrød', boiled egg, cheese, butter, jam and a bowl of cereal.
6. The tradition of the croissant and the French «pain au chocolat» never goes out of style
One of the most envied breakfasts by lovers of pastries and sweets are French breakfasts. Croissants of all kinds accompanied by butter, jam, etc.
7. An Australian breakkie needs a touch of Vegemite
Australian children's breakfast is inconceivable without Vegemite. On the label it says «concentrated yeast extract», or what is the same as «concentrated yeast extract». Quite a "powerful" way to start the day.

8. Your palate will not wake up until you have breakfast in Iran
This breakfast is a true feast for the palate. The traditional and most popular breakfast in Iran is Haleem, served in a bowl. It consists of meat (lamb or chicken), cinnamon, melted butter, sugar, and salt. It can be eaten hot or cold.
9. Fermented beans (natto) in Japan for strong stomachs.
Japan is not always "kawaii"
10. Having breakfast in a German house is like having breakfast in a hotel
The German breakfast depends on the different regions. This time we offer you the most common version: meat, yogurt and cheese. The most interesting thing is the variety of breads, cereals and cakes to accompany.
11. Rice soup or "Chinese porridge", even in the morning ... that's life
Okay, the texture is a bit strange, but new oriental flavors await in this perfect dish for a winter morning.
12. Crispy empanadas for a breakfast in Chile and Argentina
You could say that they are a South American version of croissants, with that spicy touch, sometimes spicy and always delicious.
13. Toast with (lightly) cooked eggs for a light breakfast in Singapore
That egg yolk that spreads as soon as you break it with the spoon ... who can ask for scrambled eggs and can start the day with this little pleasure? Look what a Party Buffet catering Company can offer you.
14. Moroccan beghrir with honey or olive oil to wake up on the most exotic side of the Mediterranean
This spice of crepes with a thousand holes are originally from the Maghreb gastronomy, but they can also be eaten in Melilla and other parts of North Africa
This restaurant is part of Fergus Henderson's hospitality company. Henderson is one of the country's most renowned chefs and a pioneer of the "nose to tail" movement, which promotes eating entire animal without wastage. It is essential to order the bacon sandwich at St.John also check Hog Roasts and BBQ Catering Services for more quality foods in England.