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A Few Things to do in Astoria, Oregon

A Few Things to do in Astoria, Oregon

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Astoria is one of the beautiful towns in Oregon situated near the banks of Columbia river. It has a legacy of fishing and fur trading. The famous American comedy movie ‘The goonies’ which was made in 1985 is based on this place.

Astoria is one of the beautiful towns in Oregon situated near the banks of the Columbia River. It has a legacy of fishing and fur trading. The famous American comedy movie ‘The goonies’ which was made in 1985 is based on this place. It is a haven for tourists and residents.

There are options for shopping and eateries to dine upon. When you get a chance to visit Astoria do try the activities listed below. They will definitely add fun and adventure to the excitement.

Astoria riverwalk: It has a postcard of picturesque beauty to admire. Lined up with eateries, museums, and shopping attractions. It is a point from where you can start exploring Astoria. Jack, who sells the best portable fish finder says that the Port of Astoria has hundreds of ships standing there.

It offers exciting cruise rides and is ideal for mini-tours. On the riverfront, you can also experience the scenic beauty of sunrise and sunsets. Hey! Do not forget to take your DSLRs for clicking those Instagram-ready pictures.

Astoria Riverwalk Trolley: It is a three-mile-long streetcar line and has been in operation since 1999. Exploring the town around it is the most fun way to do it. It is one of the popular symbols of Astoria and is preferred by both locals and tourists. It is run by Astoria Riverfront Trolley Association through the donations given by locals. It is known as Old 300. 

Columbia Riverfront Museum: Columbia Riverfront Museum was launched to protect maritime heritage over the years. It has a collection of artifacts, thousands of pictures, and various publications. It is a rich source of information for Pacific Northwest Maritime. It is the best place to experience the natural, cultural, and historical aspects of Astoria. It also offers a few courses regarding maritime culture and underwater robotics. Shasha, who installs the best composting toilets on various sites, believes that it is a kid-friendly museum.

Flavel House Museum: Flavel House Museum is an old Victorian house. It was built in 1896 by German-American architect Carl.W Leick. It has an intricate staircase, two and a half stories of artifacts, and an ornate fireplace. Captain Flavel used to live here with his wife and he was one of the influential personalities during the 1800s. It is ideal for self-guided tours. The house is restored to reflect the Anne-style architecture, preserved sophisticated furniture, and fascinating history.

Garden of surging waves: It is a city park and a place where different cultural flavors exist. It is pronounced “Cāng Láng Yuán” in Chinese. The words ’surging waves’ represents struggle and hardship by Chinese people. Astoria's present culture is the result of settlers who came here from different places around the world. It mainly represents Chinese commemoration. They helped to transform the city which is present today. It is situated directly across from Astoria's City Hall. Samaira, who sells the best back shaver,  shares that it is one of the best and free things to do and must be included in your tour plan.

The Astoria Column: It is 600 feet above sea level. Almost a 100-year-old monument consisting of 160 steps offering a spectacular view of the city is a symbol of strength and pride. It is open for visitors and they are allowed to climb its stairs. Its design is inspired by the Trajan column in Rome. There is a huge park around which attracts tourists to spend quality time here with their companions. There are telescopes located here which give a panoramic view of the Columbia River, the Astoria-Megler Bridge, and the Pacific Ocean on clear days.

Clatsop Spit, Astoria: It was formed 8500 years ago. It is believed that the sediments from the Columbia river are responsible for it. To the south, there is Clatsop beach. Sara who writes at cdr review says that the Pacific ocean is in its west. It is a meeting point of the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean. Earlier it was known as Clatsop sands. It has a panoramic view and is an ideal place to click pictures. It has a small wildlife park where a wide variety of species can be seen. 

Fort Astoria: It was constructed in 1811 by John Jacob Astor. Earlier it was used by different companies to do fur trading. It is located in rocky mountains and is considered the First American settlement. It has special importance in Astoria's history. Only partial visibility of historic monuments is available as many new constructions have taken place nearby. You can find local cuisine near its vicinity serving flavors of the Pacific Northwest. 

BumbleBee cannery Museum: It is located at Pier 39. It is one of the oldest fish processing plants in Astoria established in 1875. There are industrial freezers in the museum which used to be filled with frozen tuna. There is a parking facility available for tourists outside the museum. It is advised to wear comfortable footwear as it requires long walks. Do not keep children out of sight as at some places there is no handrails present.

Astor Street Opry Company: It is known as ASOC and it has been there for the last 25 years. It creates shows which act as a link between artists and audiences. They perform there and spread messages about the historic values of Astoria. Tourists can enjoy live performances. One of the famous not-to-miss shows is ‘Shanghaied’. It is designed for diverse audiences.

Due to its rich historic and industrial heritage, Astoria is attracting thousands of tourists. It is a perfect destination for a weekend getaway, a day trip with friends, or a romantic overnight stay with someone special. The downturn and vibrant waterfront is surrounded by old buildings. They are converted into restaurants and motels. Festivals and cultural events are attractions worth going for. There are breweries for people who want something extra out of the place. So, what are you waiting for! Pack your bags and head towards Astoria.