How To Improve Brain Power

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First, the brain changes its size, cognition, and vasculature.

The brain is the server of the body as it controls all the processes and functions that are happening all around the body. The brain gives commands on how different body processes are going to be run. This happens even when we are asleep. Therefore, the brain can say a lot about the state of our health. When we reach the age of 50 and above, some changes happen in the brain. First, the brain changes its size, cognition, and vasculature. And as you grow older, the brain continues to shrink in size. Changes are ranging from morphology down to the molecules.  


From the above, we can say that brainpower reduces with age. And that is why you will find that incidences of stroke, dementia, white matter lesions, and memory loss increase with age. In this case, you may be wondering how to increase brain power. Fortunately, there are different strategies that you can use to aid an aging brain. This can be achieved by a healthy body, both mentally and physically. Read on to discover ways of improving brainpower.  


Brain supplements


One of the best ways of increasing brain power is by implementing strategies that our bodies already employ in the maintenance of brain function. Our bodies already have a mechanism that is used to maintain and repair cognitive ability. By choosing the right supplements for memory, it is possible to increase learning ability, brainpower, the health of the brain tissue, and memory keeping. However, it is important to consult with your doctor before taking any brain-boosting supplement.


Take healthy nutrition


To have better brainpower, it is advisable to take the right nutrition. You can consume omega 3 fatty acids which will not only help with blood circulation around the body but also boost the performance of your brain. This happens because omega 3 fatty acids help in the regeneration of neurotransmitters, the system that is responsible for the brain to think and process information. Also, taking food that is rich n magnesium is advisable. This is because the mineral s necessary in the transmission of messages around the brain.


Get enough rest and sleep


Getting enough sleep is the other tip for boosting brainpower. Brain functions such as cognitive ability, thinking, creativity, and problem-solving are all linked to sleep. Therefore, it is important to get into deeper stages of sleep to get the best memory processing.


Reduce stress


Prolonged periods of stress can damage brain cells. In addition, stress can damage the hippocampus which is the part of the brain that is responsible for storing and retrieving old memory. Fortunately, doing a lot of exercises and meditation can go a long way in managing stress.


Keep the body well hydrated


Your body will not perform optimally when the system is not well hydrated. The brain is made up of 80% water and this explains why it is important to keep your body well hydrated. Therefore, be sure to drink water the whole day