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FIFA Position Modifiers

FIFA Position Modifiers

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How to obtain and apply position modifier cards in FIFA and how much is the price.

What are position modifier cards?

This card can be used to change a player's position so he fits in your team better than before. Position modifier cards are consumable items and can be achieved from FUT packs or can be directly bought with FUT coins from the Transfer Market. Each position card can only be applied to one player and the effect lasts until you apply for a new position card on him.

Why do you need these cards?

Position Modifier cards can help you to modify a Player's default position to a new one in case you want to get better individual and team chemistry from your squad's formation. A Position Modifier item can only change a specific position to a compatible one.

How to apply position modifiers?

Visit your club and open your consumable items and then Positioning. Select your desired position modifier card and apply it to a player from your club using the A button. 

If you don't want to waste your modifier card, make sure to apply the right modifier on the right player.

Price of position modifiers cards

LWB LB: 200 FIFA Coins
LB LWB: 500 FUT Coins
RWB RB: 1300 F.C
RB RWB: 200 F.Coins
LM LW: 2000 FIFA Coin
LW LM: 1500 FUT Coin
RM RW: 1800 FIFA Coins
RW RM: 700 F.C.
LW LF: 1100 FC
LF LW: 500 F.C.
RW RF: 1000 coins
RF RW: 200 Fut coin
CM CAM: 3000 FIFA Coins
CAM CM: 4700 Fut Coins
CM CDM: 1900 coin
CDM CM: 3000 F.C
CAM CF: 550 coins
CF CAM: 1600 FUT Coin
CF ST: 2500 coins
ST CF: 5K FIFA Coins

The prices might be variable on the transfer market but the max price for each of these modifiers is 5K coins.