How Do I Change the Ink cartridge on the brother printer?

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If you are new user of brother printer and don't know how to replace the ink cartridge. do not worry, here I am to assist you. you may apply the techniques give into this article.

The ink cartridge is a storage box of ink. Through which, ink is supplied to the printer. When you give a print command to your printer. it will request a print cartridge to supply the ink on the header, than the header will print the documents.
If you don’t have the sufficient ink on the cartridge. Your printer will not be able to print the documents. At such time, you will see some weird error on the printer screen. You will have a completely blank page as an outcome.

If your brother printer is printing blank pages currently, in such a case, you have to change the cartridge or toner box. After that, it will start printing the images or paper whatever you want.

Some users don’t know how to replace it, if you are also one of them. This article can assist you in replacing the cartridge. So stay tune with this article and follow the instructions given here.

How do I Replace the ink cartridge on the brother printer?

Before I will share the guide to change the ink cartridge on the printer, Let me tell you few basic rules.

  1. Never use a refiled cartridge. It will harm your printer in the longer period.
  2. Do not buy a non branded cartridge. They are filled up with the low quality ink. They can also damage your printer.

If you are wondering about where should you buy a cartridge from. Well, I will suggest you to go to the official store or buy it from the trusted place.

Guide to replace the ink cartridge on the brother machine:

If you already have a ink cartridge for your brother machine and now you are looking for the guide to install it into your printer.

  1. First of all, power off the brother printer.
  2. Now Open the cartridge panel available at the front side.
  3. Pull down the lever to remove the ink cartridge.
  4. Take out the empty ink cartridge from your brother machine.
  5. Now unbox the new cartridge.
  6. Remove all types of tapes from it and do not touch the electronic surface.
  7. Insert the new cartridge into the printer.
  8. Now close the cartridge panel.
  9. Plugin the power cable back into the printer.
  10. Finally, power on the printer and wait until you see the home screen.
  11. If you see the new cartridge detected message on the screen. Press the ok button.

Finally, the new cartridge has been setup on the printer. if your brother printer is not recognising the ink cartridge. You need to remove it from the printer and install it again. it will start working fine then.