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Manufacturing Of Pet Honey Bottles

Manufacturing Of Pet Honey Bottles

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Are you taking advantage of the multiple sizes available for honey bottles? Businesses may be easy to ignore, but if you really want to reach consumers


Are you taking advantage of the multiple sizes available for honey bottles? Businesses may be easy to ignore, but if you really want to reach consumers.

Why you should consider PET Honey Bottles

Some companies use vials because they provide an incredibly cute little sample. Others use them because they are a small but effective example. In any case, here are more and more reasons why you should consider using small bottled honey for honey factories.

1. Size range
As we offer more options and customers see the benefits, we continue to receive more inquiries about honey. There are many explanations for this, including the various ways customers use them.

Usually, we will see the use of 375 ml or 750 ml. However, you should consider using smaller bottles. Whether you want to provide a trial pack of the product or some kind of multi-pack, please consider how 50ml, 100ml or 200ml fits your brand.

2. Cost-effectiveness
They are a good choice for any number of honey manufacturers, but they are particularly suitable for craft breweries. These bottles are perfect when you are trying to stretch a dollar, maybe a small batch.

Generally, honey manufacturing requires a lot of time and money investment. With this in mind, honey is usually a cheap container to ship your products there. Think of them as your preferred packaging solution for providing sample sizes, etc.

3. Brand influence
Small spirit bottles are not only cost-effective, but also a great way to expand the brand's influence. When you provide the sample size portion of the product, you can increase your influence in the market, especially when you want to use small batch products.

When you do more with fewer products, please consider multiple ways to provide these samples. When used alone, the small bottle allows consumers to try or give away the product in a new way. They can also help raise awareness of new mixtures or mixtures that need more publicity.

You may also plan to use them in groups. They are very suitable for packaging your entire set of products and showcasing the various products you offer.

4. Design options
Packaging experts will carefully study the entire packaging solution for your product. With this in mind, we can help you get a design that matches or complements your full-size bottle.

For many of our bottle shapes, they also come with a "mini me" version, so you can easily project a consistent brand image. When you get the right help, the shape of the bottle, the label design, and even the bottle cap will blend into each other.

5. Available materials
Most of our bottles are glass, but we also have plastic bottles. Be sure to check out some of our PET plastic options, especially if you want a bottle shape.

As always, each material has its own advantages and limitations, so a little consultation and testing can be of great help.

6. Close selection
For small spirit bottles, you can get the same excellent cap options as large spirit bottles. This includes highly compatible bottle caps such as strip top closures and screw top closures.

As a general observation, we will notice that most 50 ml bottles have screw cap finishes. On the other hand, most 100ml and 200ml bottles have a strip top finish. However, we do provide stock and customization options, so you can see a large selection of closures and fit very well.

Request samples now
You may not have considered using small bottles before, or now is a good time to refresh and use them. When it comes to these two situations, you can be confident that we are paying attention to trends and helping companies like yours find the right packaging.

Not only can you get the best packaging for common sizes such as 375ml and 750ml bottles, we can also help you explore smaller sizes for a variety of reasons.
Small Plastic Juice Bottles are also the same choice, these are good containers that can be used as cans for beverages and honey.