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Unprofessional Cleaning Puts Commercial Kitchens At Risk

Unprofessional Cleaning Puts Commercial Kitchens At Risk

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At Hawaii Pro Exhaust and Wash, we deep clean your restaurant kitchen affordably.

Government statistics indicate that most restaurant and catering establishment fires involve high-risk equipment such as fryers, griddles, ranges, and ventilation ducts. It has been roughly estimated that more than half of kitchen extraction ducts are never cleaned. Building owners and operators have duties of care in fire safety legislation passed in 2006. Those that ignore it face severe penalties in court for failure to comply with fire safety legislation.

Hence, an essential first step is a fire risk assessment for ensuring that a commercial kitchen is safe both for the people who work there and for customers and clients eating in its restaurant. Environmental health legislation also means kitchen emissions have to be kept under control. Recently fire services have reported a spate of fires in kitchens that have not paid proper attention to restaurant hood cleaning.

The uncleaned grease in ventilation systems is possibly the highest contributor to the risk of fire in restaurant facilities. This is because the purpose of a kitchen ventilation system is to draw in grease-laden air from the areas above cookers, grills, and fryers via the hood. Grease deposits are especially vulnerable to being ignited by a small flash fire on a hob or in a grill.

Restaurant hood cleaning is a challenging, unpleasant job, but regular attention can also have financial benefits on insurance costs. The insurance providers recommend that hood extract systems in commercial kitchens should be regularly cleaned and certified. How frequently depends on usage and can vary from a month to once a year. It is most efficiently carried out by a commercial cleaning company specializing in kitchen hood cleaning and carries it out in compliance with the best practice guidance.

Choose a company that can verify that its operators are properly trained in the use of various cleaning materials and solutions. Also, ensure that they will carry out a proper survey beforehand and provide proper reports and certificates afterward to maintain records for insurers, health and safety, and environmental health inspectors.

Hawaii Pro Exhaust and Wash offers the most comprehensive, certified exhaust hood cleaning services. We are a top-rated commercial kitchen cleaning agency, and if you are a homeowner, we can assist you with the best residential power washing. Engaging us is a wise choice as we are renowned as the best Oahu restaurant hood cleaning service. We provide the most comprehensive power washing in Honolulu and commercial antimicrobial cleaning. Few restaurant exhaust hood cleaners can compete with the quality of our work. Contact us today at 1-(808) 725-4314 for comprehensive cleaning services.